October 14


65 Bathroom Tile Remodeling Ideas

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Sometimes the hardest thing about bathroom remodeling and additions is coming up with ideas for your renovated bathroom or a new bathroom addition. There are some great resources online to give you ideas, like these 65 bathroom tile remodeling ideas for your new bathroom renovation or bathroom additions.  This collection was put together by Cuded, a Design and Inspiration blog, which showcases exciting ideas for bathroom remodeling and new bathroom additions.

As you scroll through their post you will see porcelain, marbles, wood and ceramics tiles. There literally is no limit to the materials that can be used nowadays in a bathroom remodel or addition. Colors are free to meet in the most incredible patterns: warm or cold, classy or joyful…what really matters is simply the personality they represent. See something you like? Pin it and contact us to make your bathroom dream come to life!

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