Built: 1957 Architectural style: Midcentury modern Maintenance fee: 54 cents per square foot, including utilities Price range: $250,000-$950,000 Notable tenants (past and present): Greer Garson Fogelson, Patsy Lacy Griffith (before she moved into the Mansion Residences), Dottie and Bob Goddard, Pat Patterson, Sarah Norton, Nancy and Captain A.W. Chandler, Colonel James P. Caston, some Meyersons, and Dr. Sam Hamra’s mother Did you know? Also known as The Temple, 3525 was the first high-rise built on Turtle Creek. In the 50s and 60s, everyone who was anyone lived here. It may be a Howard Meyer masterwork with architecturally significant poured-concrete grid work, but Realtors have a hard time presenting it because of the low ceilings and centralized heat and air conditioning.