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Own an Old Home? 4 Things to Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodeling contractorsBathroom remodeling is the most requested renovation in the country right now, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, and for good reason. There are plenty of benefits to remodeling your bathroom, and not just for aesthetic purposes.

Bathroom remodeling for older homes is often a necessity, as modern homeowners expect certain fixtures and conveniences. From improved functionality to a high ROI, bathroom remodeling contractors are available to help you visualize exactly what you want and need for an affordable price. But if you own an older home, then there are special considerations to take into account before moving forward.

So if you’re considering a revamp, here are some bathroom remodeling tips and ideas for old houses that every homeowner should know:

  1. Your water bill might be higher than it should be. Leaky faucets, malfunctioning toilets, among other things, are responsible for 1 trillion gallons of water lost each year — equivalent to the average water use of more than 10 million homes. That’s just one reason the majority of Houzz survey participants agreed that they would choose to install energy efficient toilets that limit the amount of water used per flush. If your plumbing isn’t up to par, and especially if you live in an older home, you should consider bathroom remodeling as a practical investment that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long-run.
  2. Newly remodeled bathrooms offer huge return on investment at an average of 86.4%. If you’re looking to move and sell in the near future, a new bathroom is something to consider when you think about what the new owners may want in their new home. Most home buyers would prefer glass shower enclosures with pressure-boosting heads to manage the speed of the water, and many would prefer a renovated master bathroom. If you can provide these amenities, your home value and appeal is likely to increase.
  3. Bathroom countertop maintenance can be a pain, again, especially in an older home. Laminate sink vanities aren’t very durable or appealing to the eye. However, materials like granite or quartz can last many years without a scratch. Marble is more porous, and thus shouldn’t be used for kitchen countertops, but it makes for a beautiful and functional vanity top.
  4. If you have an older home, some of your bathroom fixtures could probably stand to have an update, too. The best bathroom remodeling contractors will help you find appliances that fit in both your home and your budget. For example, bathtubs are often very cheap to buy, but are labor and cost-intensive to install. Bath or shower fittings are much more cost effective and look just as great with the right touches.

If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling contractors in the Dallas, TX area who have experience renovating older houses, contact Renowned Renovations to get started.

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