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Highland Park Plaza Condo Window Treatments

Highland Park Plaza Condo Window Treatments: Hunter Douglas Powerview Shades, Park Plaza Condominiums, Dallas

Highland Park Plaza Condo Window Treatments: Hunter Douglas Powerview Shades, Park Plaza Condominiums, Dallas

A Renowned Renovation is not complete without premiere window treatments by Hunter Douglas. Our team recently remodeled a Park Plaza condo in the Highland Park area of Dallas. During the day, natural light pours into this gorgeous mid-rise condo. With Hunter Douglas state-of-the-art, pre-programmed and automated shades, the exquisite balance of light and shade is easily achieved in every room.

Melissa Blassingille

Renowned Renovation Interior Designer Melissa Blassingille chose Designer Screen Roller Shades Powerview Hunter Douglas Shades window treatments. This style has an inside mount and provide a clean modern look using the Hunter Douglas Ashton 10% Fabric Collection.

Additionally, there are specific areas throughout the home where countertops or fixtures were chosen by Melissa and the clients to create a more dramatic effect. These provide opportunities for interior decorating elements to stand out and make the overall look of the home elegant and temporary.


One of the most alluring aspects of owning a condominium is having expansive windows, an abundance of natural light, potentially a balcony and hopefully some spectacular views. Ideally, window treatments bring out the best in all of these features—without being a challenge. 

Hunter Douglas has become a household name and cornered the market by providing a vast array of styles and colors for window treatments in an ever-evolving collection that is innovative and stunning. The difference of purchasing Hunter Douglas window treatments also includes professional installation and a lifetime guarantee. These are just a few reasons why Renowned Renovation works almost exclusively with Hunter Douglas to provide our clients high-quality designer screen shades. 

Highland-Park-Designer-Screen-Roller-Shades-Powerview Shades_018


Whether or not you’re a fan of gadgets, we think you will appreciate the technology that Hunter Douglas has combined with their window treatments. Powerview Shades takes at-home comfort to a whole new level by allowing clients to program the time of day that they want to let the exact amount of daylight or night into each room. 

Condo-Bedroom-After-Remodeling-Highland-Park-Hunter-Douglas-Designer-Screen-Roller-Shades-Powerview Shades-Remote

These battery-powered, remote-controlled, and smart device-operated shades are programmed to open and close while you’re home or away. This kind of precision technology is not only great for ease and comfort, it is also practical. By limiting daylight exposure inside your home during the warmest times of the day, clients can protect their floors, furniture and rugs from UV damage. 


If something is outdated—Hunter Douglas will improve the design. Over time, advancements and enhancements have been made to the classics, while new concepts continue to be introduced. 

For example, Silhouette and Pirouette have sheers on either side so they can be seen through, making them softer and similar to mini-blinds. Basic operation is the same but they have improved the design. This is the solution for every homeowner who wants to bring more natural light in while also maintaining privacy.

Highland Park Designer Screen Roller Shades Powerview Shades-Kitchen

In the past, large windows were often shaded with either vertical hanging blinds or sliding drapery. Hunter Douglas has upgraded the material of the classic vertical blinds. This upgrade prevents the blinds from collecting as much dust as they did in the past and makes them easier to clean. 

Additionally, Hunter Douglas is developing a design to modernize window drapes so they are UV-protected, light-weight and room-darkening. 

Hunter Douglas is out there more than anyone else and they are always forging ahead. Committed to providing the style of window treatment that customers want, instead of determining what is no longer in style. With cutting-edge design, the quintessential styles continue to be customer favorites. 


Picking out window treatments can be a difficult process. The options are endless. The Hunter Douglas showroom is designed to bring customers the same comfort and ease in selecting Hunter Douglas shades, as it is to use them. 

Ms. Blassingille says, “There are other providers that are more expensive, but ultimately Hunter Douglas has the best customer service for the client. I know people that have had Hunter Douglas for 20 years and have had them maintanenced at no cost.” 

First, Melissa works with the client to determine their needs per room. She is an expert in Hunter Douglas designs and enjoys helping clients narrow down their selection. Her guidance supports individuals who are unsure of what they are looking for. Ultimately, window treatments have an enormous impact on the feel and comfort of their home. Being supported in the process is what guarantees every buyer is completely satisfied with their final decision.  


During the selection process, all the specific styles are reviewed. From Silhouette to Pirouette, Powerview, Solar & Roller Shades or Shutters, Room-Darkening and more. In the showroom all the styles can be demonstrated and considered.

After the style of window treatments are determined the color selection begins. Experts, like Melissa, work with the clients to pick colors based on the flooring, fabric, furniture and paint. There is an incredible amount of colors to choose from, however, the process doesn’t need to be difficult. Clients can choose neutral tones that blend well with a room to provide a more seamless effect. Alternatively, some people prefer contrast between the wall paint and shade color. This can add a design element to a room while the shades are open in the daytime. 

For example, a study or parlor that is fitted with dark leather furniture will be beautifully complemented by a rich color of Woven Wood Shades. In the evening, while the shades are drawn and warm lighting is set, this pairing will create a cozy effect perfect for reading. This is the difference and elegance the right window treatments can add to every room. Let Renowned Renovations help you find your perfect match. 

Check us out on Houzz. See how homes have been transformed by Renowned.


Testimonial for Condo Remodel in Dallas High-Rise

Renowned Video Testimonial

Grant Woodruff, Founder Renowned Renovation:

"This high-rise condominium, located in the Travis at Katy Trail, is a great example of the type of project that we’ve been awarded for and successfully managed. The owner of this split-level condo overlooking downtown Dallas met with our lead Interior Designer, Melissa Blassingille to discuss their vision for space. The customer's request was to create simplistic elegance with modern conveniences."

From The Owner, Jason R:

"We started this process thinking about what was important to us, so we built the vision around that. We love to entertain. We love to have people in our home, and we built a house to that specification. The level of service that we experienced with Renowned was exceptional. From design all the way through construction—if we ever needed anything, they would respond immediately. It was like having a concierge for a builder. Someone asked us if we would use them again, and we actually already are. We would definitely use them again" 

Highland Park TX Condo Study Remodeled

Highland Park, Dallas, Texas
Condo Study Remodel

Modernizing, creating superior function and incorporating personal style are keystones to the Renowned Renovation approach to remodeling and interior design. From the start of each project, we work with our clients to create a room or home that truly fits your needs and ascetic. Call today for a free consultation. 


Renowned Renovation Interior Designer Melissa Blassingille appreciates the details of a home that have value to her clients. The goal is to connect with the pieces of a home that owners cherish most. By identifying a few treasured features, furniture pieces or fixtures—Melissa can create design concepts that take pieces of familiarity and blend them into a modernized layout. This article is a part of a series. Read here about the Hunter Douglas Window Treatments for the same condo renovation.

A Classic + Modern Masterpiece

The Highland Park condo was a head-to-toe, top-to-bottom remodel. The homeowners wanted to modernize the home while continuing to display their family’s art collection. The end result is a classic-meet-modern masterpiece. 

The bookcases you see in the display video are an original feature of the home study. Since the early planning stages, the bar was set to undergo a major facelift. At first, the plans for the bar seemed to pose a clash in style with the classic bookshelves. However, upon further consideration, Melissa proposed rehabbing the cases instead. 

The outcome provides a contrast between the two mainstays of the room that complement each other. A look that creates a perfect balance between classic + modern. 

Open Up Your Living Space

Today’s renovations always seem to begin with the question: how can we open up the space? Older condos, like the one at Park Plaza, are often being updated per the owner's request. 

Renowned Renovation is a master in the techniques and expertise needed to open up interior spaces. We work with structural engineers to be sure clients get as much of the open-plan they have in mind as possible. Where you can’t take a wall out there are still options to increase space and remove barriers. 

Our clients at the Highland Park Plaza were looking to open their condo up where possible. One option for us was the entrance to the home library.

We removed the doors to the study while maintaining the original structure of walls and entrance way. This allows the study to continue to have some separation from the living room, while transforming the space. 

The homeowners frequently host parties at their residence and this, too, was apart of the remodeling plans. The throughway between the rooms works to enhance the original layout and function of the two rooms.  

A Modern Wet Bar 

As you can see in the video, the bar previously had a “wing-wall” surrounding it. This enclosure was outdated and not ideal for hosting parties. We knocked out the walls around the bar to open it up and modernize the look and feel. 

One benefit to working with the Renowned team is the exquisite attention to detail we provide with our line of handcrafted cabinets. Often, cabinetry are given a smaller budget in a major home remodeling job. This is because many factory-made cabinet lines appear to “do the job.”

It appears to be an efficient, cost-effective way to upgrade your cabinets. However, our commitment to craftsmanship is what lead us to get behind a cabinet line that we could proudly recommend to our clients. Click here to read more about Renowned Stylecraft Cabinet. 

A gorgeous cabinet-front fridge door that was designed to hide the under-the-counter beverage cooler. This is a truly modern and minimalist look. There’s nothing that sticks out, the eye gazes the room and sees a seamless line under the counter. A glass tile covering the wall behind the bar provides an elegant splash of style that adds texture and a subtle flare to the room. 

Every Client is a Part of the Design

Melissa’s philosophy is to bring clients into the interior design in the early planning stages. It’s important to her and the Renowned team that your home reflects your taste and to function in the way that you function. 

During a walkthrough, Melissa will ask clients, “what’s important to you?” “What has significance.” When a client says, “I want this, I have to have this,” Melissa will ask them what they love about it and why they need it. 

This is her process to understand how to make the piece they desire to work for them combined with the other details (i.e. wall paint, countertops, flooring). This approach also helps her to know how to look for more features to fit their style. 

For this home study and bar remodel, the clients found a beautiful, round and hammered sink they just loved. We knew that this was a great piece and wanted to plan aspects of the bar and room around it. It’s an undermount sink, providing a clean look without the lip that comes with a “drop-in” sink. The hammered sink + textured tiles on the wall + the Cambria countertops compliment each other well in a dance of style. 

Restoring Original Home Fixtures

A beloved piece of art needs to have a significant place in the home. For this particular condominium remodel, the antique and fine art collection became the centerpiece in which rooms are styled around. Luxury homes with well-crafted fixtures often get restored instead of replaced.   

In addition to the bookshelves being original to the home, so was the chandler. This is where the classic meets modern concept blossoms. Especially here in the Park Plaza condo remodel, which is home to a fine art and antique collection—a striking chandler will tie the whole room together. This lighting fixture gives the home a sense of uniqueness because it is a rare item that would either need to be found used and restored or purchased new in a similar style. Nothing compares to the original.  

Whether you have a single-family home or a condo that has been in the family, we want to pick out what is important to you and update what is needed.

We will treat your treasures like gold. In the case of the home study, the bookshelves were completely restored. The wood was stripped, painted and filled in where necessary. Lighting was added to modernize the bookcase while finding a way to update the look so they can be featured. There are LED lights installed under the shelves and a lighter color of paint was chosen for the inside as well. 

Continuity is a Key Component to Minimalism 

In addition to custom cabinets, another keystone to many remodels are Cambria Surfaces Countertop. These are high-quality counters that have a look all their own. The counter chosen for the wet bar is the same as the powder room and the guest bedroom. As you can see, these counters are very striking and add a significant feel to every room. By allowing the counters to be a focal point, Renowned can keep balance by choosing more subtle paint colors to tie the rooms of the home together.  

Sherwin-Williams paint is used throughout the entire Park Plaza condo. There are Dark Fox and Amazing Gray that was originally picked for the kitchen, and then chosen for all the rooms. 

By making the walls consistently the same color, a more neutral backdrop is established, creating a foundation to add different materials and objects (i.e. art, furniture, lighting fixtures) which, in-turn get to pop. Minimizing clutter and contrasts that often take away from the more important aspects of a room. Additionally, when fewer colors are used throughout the home, there is a more smooth transition from room-to-room and floor-to-ceiling. 

Mid-Rise Condo: Kitchen Remodel at The Beat Lofts

Mid-Rise Condo: Kitchen Remodel at The Beat Lofts

Mid-Rise Condo: Kitchen Remodel at The Beat Lofts

Call for a Free Consultation (972) 232-7122

We often hear about the Chuck in a Truck or Stan in a Van fly-by-night contractors. For this client, that nightmare came true. Undoubtedly, when Renowned Renovation heard the details of a disaster renovation, we wanted to help. The “Stan” that was originally hired for the job took the clients money, violated the rules of the Home Owners Association, did not pull permits, and did an overall unacceptable job that had to be corrected.

One of my favorite style of condos has an industrial look—showcasing high concrete ceilings with exposed conduit and duct-work. I appreciate that original loft concept with concrete floors. This place has all of these features and more. It’s an 8th-floor, mid-rise with panoramic views of downtown and Old East Dallas. From the kitchen window and over-sized balcony you can see the Reunion Tower, Omni Hotel, and Chase Bank building. You can see the highlights of the renovation in the video. Read on to hear the details of how we transformed this mid-rise condo to meet the expectations of our client."  — Grant Woodruff, CR

The Disaster was in the Details 

From the start, this condo became a personal project for us. As National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) certified contractors, we are passionate about providing quality work that is done right with no short-cuts or mishaps. 

In reviewing the work that had been done on the initial remodel, some of the issues were cosmetic. Other problems were clearly due to poor planning and execution. For starters, plugs were installed upside down, cut edges of tiles were exposed—and the tile was not even set in straight lines. 

The contractor convinced the owner to move the fridge right next to the sink which cramped the working space in the kitchen. This is not the suggestion of someone who truly knows the importance of layout and design from a big picture perspective. 

When the contractors installed a brick veneer wall, they left the baseboards exposed, highlighting the fact that it’s a veneer. This is the opposite of what the client was trying to achieve. The walls were painted using a high gloss paint, typically used for doors and surfaces that get dirty and cleaned often. Instead, walls are generally painted in a satin or flat paint for large surfaces. To top it all off, the shower valves were installed upside down.

Renowned, Contractors You Can Trust

After meeting with the client she gave us the reigns to repair the condo in the most cost-effective manner. We assured her that we would complete the renovation without sacrificing quality. Additionally, we discussed being mindful of what she plans to sell the condo for. All of these are fine points that need to be discussed openly and honestly before a business agreement is made.

As a high-end remodeling company, Renowned Renovation does not often take on “budget” projects. However, we were able to do the kitchen for less than $20,000. We’ll note that no new appliances were purchased for this renovation. Give us a call to discuss your dream project! We have the design, craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes all the difference in the outcome of our work. 

Renowned Cabinets

When you hire Renowned Renovation you can rest assured that your cabinets are going to be a highlight. Our custom-built Renowned Cabinetry are hand-built and assembled in PA by skilled craftsman. These cabinets are hand-sanded twice and factory-finished.

This means they are painted in a sealed factory setting. When they’re delivered to be installed there’s no odor or finishing that needs to be done onsite. The best past is that there’s no formaldehyde in the finishing. Plus, they come in any style, from tradition to modern styles.

The cabinet color we selected for the mid-rise condo was Benjamin Moore Chalk with shaker style doors and drawers. We installed soft-close drawer glides and door hinges, and under-cabinet LED-puck lighting. 



The additional upgrades included a cutlery divider, spice pull, a magic corner (which is a storage cabinet) and docking drawer. These are all the amenities of the ideal modern kitchen, including a double-waste pull-out drawer for trash and recycling. Our signature cabinets exemplify the finishing touches Renowned Renovation brings to all of our jobs. 

Custom Countertops

For the countertops we chose a cost-effective quality quartz by MSI-Surfaces called Q Quartz. 

Normally, Cambria is my go-to but for the marble look. However, we can get Q Quartz in for a $1000 less per slab, which is a great price point for a renovation like this one. The only drawback is you do not have the lifetime warranty that comes with Cambria countertops. 

MSI-Surfaces are a trusted company that we have worked with for years. Their countertops have the look and durability that are always a winner when we need to stay in our budget. For the backsplash we chose Daltile Rittenhouse Square in an Arctic White. The glossy finish and dramatic look of the quartz brings an incredible crisp and clean look to the whole kitchen. 

MSI-Surfaces Q Quartz Dallas-Condo-Kitchen-Countertop-

MSI-Surfaces Q Quartz Dallas-Condo-Kitchen-Countertop-

Shaw Vinyl Flooring 

The unit had stained concrete floors that were in really bad condition. I recommended an extremely durable, luxury vinyl floor by Shaw Floors. Shaw Floors are exceptionally long-lasting and easy to clean. They have a waterproof vinyl finish that is a great choice for high-traffic areas prone to splashes and spills. 

We choose the “Tivoli Plus” design, but there’s a wide range of hues and characteristics to choose from. We have found that Shaw Floors has a surface and accent design that is perfect for every home. Technically, these floors have an Armourbead® wear layer for enhanced performance and Soft Silence® acoustical pad for noise reduction and added comfort. Basically, they provide a tremendous quality for your budget.


A Job Well Done

Renovating a gorgeous condos like this one is very rewarding. From the moment we walked in the door we could see the potential of the place. We’re happy knowing that the client is pleased, and that Renowned Renovation's work will stand the test of time.

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How to Avoid a Remodeling Nightmare

The owners of this mid-rise Loft in Dallas did not hire a NARI Certified Remodeler. They stole the client's money, violated all the rules of the Home Owners Association, did not get required permits and did a horrible job. Renowned Renovation was hired to make the repairs and finish the job. We were able to help the homeowner avoid a remodeling nightmare by bringing the skills and best practices required of an NARI Certified Remodeler.

Don't Get Ripped Off. Hire a NARI Certified Professional.

Remodeling a home is a big decision and as a homeowner you want to be sure the remodeling professional you hire is qualified to perform the work to the highest level of professionalism, integrity and quality.

Hiring a NARI Certified Professional assures:

  • Your remodeling professional has been vetted by the foremost remodeling industry association.
  • Your remodeling professional has met strict standards for remodeling expertise, project management and professional conduct.
  • You are selecting an expert in the field, capable of completing your project to industry management and quality best practices.
  • You are entrusting your project to a dedicated professional who is committed to his/her craft through continuing education and professional development.

Take the guesswork out of selecting a professional remodeling expert. 

Entrust your renovation to a NARI Certified Professional.

Renowned Renovation

National Association of the Remodeling Industry - Remodeling Done Right™   

How to Pick the Right Window Blinds

Reserve Your Free Copy Today

The hardest thing about getting new Window Treatments for your home is knowing how to pick the right style. Want the best? Talk to experts at Renowned Renovation first. They are the only Premier Hunter Douglas Dealer in the Dallas proper and Highland Park, TX.

When it comes to light-control, sheers and shadings are one approach, shutters and blinds are quite another. Sheers with soft folds offer a softer look, while designer roller and screen shades and can provide a more simplistic look while tailoring the fabric choice to your homes style.

Another factor to take into consideration is privacy. Then, we will factor in your personal aesthetic and offer design from sleek and contemporary, to rich and traditional. We will find whatever you desire. We have every style of window fashion, for every taste, every room, and every moment. 

Sheers and Shades are very popular, and they turn the harsh rays of the sun into soft ambient light. Hunter Douglas has beautiful light transforming products.


Hunter Douglas Hybrid Blinds   |  Click here to see more Sheers and Shades

Roman Shades are always a very stylish look; this kind of shade comes in soft, subtle fabrics and has several fold-styles to choose from. 

Renowned Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades - Click Here to See More

Roller Shades offer a very simplified classic look that works in any room in your home. Roller Shades come with options from sheer to opaque, floral patterns and solid colors.

Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades - Click here to see mpre 

Roller Shades These are ideal for wide window expanses and sliding glass doors


Hunter Douglas Roller Shades - click here see more

Woven Wood create a warm natural backdrop in any room with light-filtering reeds, grasses, woods, or wood alternatives. 

Custom Shutters are a classic look, but they still have all the benefits of advanced modern-day materials and long-lasting finishes

Pleated shades are bold, come in modern patterns that add character to the crispy geometry of these styles, lending a contemporary look wherever they're used.

The secret to dressing windows artfully is to bring and control light into a room that beautifully blends lifestyle and functionality.

Renowned's window treatment experts will suggest the right products for you and every window in your house based on your goals. Your new windows will be professionally measured, and custom made just for you to control light, energy efficiency, and can be accessorized with motorized operating systems.

Renowned Renovation can make your home smarter, your days easier, and every room in your home more beautiful.

When it comes to light-control, sheers and shadings are one approach, shutters and blinds are quite another. Sheers with soft folds offer a softer look, while shades with crisp pleats have a more contemporary feel.

Another factor to take into consideration is privacy. Then, we will factor in your personal aesthetic and offer design from sleek and contemporary, to rich and traditional. We will find whatever you desire. We have every style of window fashion, for every taste, every room, and every moment. 

Your Renowned Window Treatment Expert will help you through the process of selecting the right product based on your goals.


Tyler-Woodruff-NARI-Certified-Remodeling-Project-Manager Dallas, TX


Renowned Renovation is proud to announce that Tyler Woodruff recently earned the Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM) designation from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

ABOUT NARI CRPM PROGRAM The program is designed to measure an individual's application of knowledge and skills in the role of managing every aspect of a remodeling project. Those who earn the CRPM designation have not only passed a written exam but are also held to a stringent set of eligibility requirements, including compliance with NARI’s strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, earn continuing education hours, have at least two years of continuous remodeling experience and have at least one year experience as a Project Manager.

“The NARI CRPM course was very challenging and informative and will and helped me to formalize and improve on our overall planning and control of client projects.”  According to Tyler Woodruff.  “We are always working on new ways to improve our processes to increase customer satisfaction and grow our business.”


The program, which launched in September 2011, addresses a growing trend in the remodeling industry, which has more companies using project managers to supervise jobs as opposed to lead carpenters. The program follows a set of knowledge domains and sub-domains that include project cost management, communication, project planning, quality assurance, record-keeping and risk management.

 Those who take the course are provided tools and ideas to improve business operations and efficiency in order to generate and sustain growth

About Renowned Renovation: 

Renowned Renovation is a Highland Park residential design, build and remodeling firm specializing in the Premium-to -Luxury home sector. They are also part of the Hunter Douglas family as a Premier Dealer and are local Window-Treatment Experts. The company offers interior design services, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, construction, additions, custom cabinetry, countertops, floor coverings, and window blinds, shades, shutters, and fashions. Their showroom is located at 4848 Lemmon Ave, Suite 106, Highland Park, Dallas, TX 75219. For more information contact Grant Woodruff at (972) 232-7122.

Renowned Renovation Official 2019 Dallas NARI Contractor of the Year for Whole House $250,000 - $500,000 Remodel

Renowned Renovation was awarded the 2019 Dallas NARI Contractor of the Year and then won the 2019 NARI Regional  Contractor of the Year for Whole House $250,000 - $500,000 Remodel

About NARI: 

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is the premier association of remodeling professionals and industry experts dedicated to advancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and educating the public on the benefits of using a qualified professional. NARI has 6,000 member contractors, suppliers and service providers and 47 chapters across the U.S. NARI members adhere to a Code of Ethics and together as an industry promote “Remodeling Done Right™. Learn more about NARI and how to find a qualified professional remodeler at NARI.org.




Grant Woodruff recently achieved the prestigious Certified Remodeler status.

A Certified Remodeler (CR) designation proves the remodeling contractor’s superior knowledge, technical comprehension, and skill in remodeling.


NARI is the premier Association of the Remodeling Experts and Professionals

ABOUT NARI’s CR The program measures skill and expertise valued not only by other professional remodelers but by consumers as well. Highly respected by those who have achieved the designation, the CR program identifies professional remodelers who have undergone comprehensive review and testing in areas of business management, ethical conduct, and technical skills. 

In addition, they must also adhere to NARI’s strict Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. The NARI certification program assesses the knowledge and skills of the remodeler in over 20 remodeling task areas including business methods and practices, building codes and construction law, planning and building site layout, and all trades skills required in remodeling your home.

Attaining this certification requires the candidate to have been working full time in the remodeling field for at least 5 years and passing a comprehensive assessment exam.  Preparation for this exam takes up to 16 weeks of intensive study and self-examination.  In addition, Certified Remodelers are bound to abide by the NARI Code of Ethics and the NARI Standards of Practice. 


“The NARI Certified Remodeler designation is like an MBA in Kitchen, Bathroom and Whole-House Remodeling. We follow the best practices taught and required by the NARI Certification process.”  Grant Woodruff said.

To prepare for the Certified Remodeler certification, remodelers are asked to complete a qualification form, which outlines the background of their experience and education in remodeling, and are given a study guide. NARI also offers study groups to prepare them for the written examination.  It enriches the professional’s understanding and maximizes performance during any remodeling project.

About Renowned Renovation: 

Renowned Renovation is a Dallas residential design, build and remodeling firm specializing in the premium to luxury home sector. They are also part of the Hunter Douglas family and are an authorized Dealer and Window-Treatment experts. The company offers interior design services, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, construction, custom cabinetry, countertops, floor coverings, and window blinds, shades, shutters, and fashions. Their showroom is located at 4848 Lemmon Ave, Suite 106, Highland Park, Dallas, TX 75219. For more information contact Grant Woodruff at (972) 232-7122

Renowned Renovation Official 2019 Dallas NARI Contractor of the Year for Whole House $250,000 - $500,000 Remodel

Renowned Renovation was awarded the 2019 Dallas NARI Contractor of the Year and then won the 2019 NARI Regional  Contractor of the Year for Whole House $250,000 - $500,000 Remodel

About NARI: 

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is the premier association of remodeling professionals and industry experts dedicated to advancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and educating the public on the benefits of using a qualified professional. NARI has 6,000 member contractors, suppliers and service providers and 47 chapters across the U.S. NARI members adhere to a Code of Ethics and together as an industry promote “Remodeling Done Right™. Learn more about NARI and how to find a qualified professional remodeler at NARI.org.

Motorized Shades: A Popular and Perfect Solution for Home or Office Window Automation

motorized shades

Did you know that windows can be up to 10 times less energy efficient than your walls?

That’s right!

This is also the reason they can be letting up to 30% of your air-conditioned or heated air exit your home. That’s a lot of wasted energy, as your HVAC system accounts for about 40% of your yearly electricity bills.

Now, consider that Texas homeowners pay a monthly average of $127 for electricity. This means your windows can be wasting up to $180 a year in heating and cooling dollars! Moreover, it is necessary to run regular maintenance for
residential electrical systems. Mandurah electrician services run
safety system checks to make sure you are living in a safe environment.

The good news is, innovative motorized shades for windows can help you avoid such wastage. They can help boost your windows’ energy efficiency. Furthermore, they’re pretty and much safer than conventional window shades.

Ready to learn more about what these window treatments for Dallas homes can bring to the table? Then let’s dive right into it!

Enjoy the Convenience and Smartness of Window Automation

Today, nine in 10 U.S. consumers now own some type of smart home device. But Google Home and Amazon Alexa aren’t the only things that can help make a home “smart”.

Motorized window treatments offer an affordable way to achieve this goal. These window automation products give you total control on when you want them open or shut. Whatever position you want your shades to be in, you can do that through an app in your mobile device.

They’re also an excellent solution to homes that have many windows. With a single tap of your smartphone, you can raise or close all the shades throughout your home. You also have separate control over each unit, so you can dictate which ones open or close.

Save Energy through Scheduled Movements of Your Window Treatment

Automated window treatments allow you to set them up to close during Dallas’ hottest times of the day. You can also automate them to completely open for a set amount of time during the day. If you forget to close the shades before leaving for work, you can remotely do so using its mobile app.

All these help you avoid running your HVAC unit with uncovered windows. You can even set your shades to close, say half an hour before your heater or cooler starts running. This way, your home will already have optimal indoor temperature as soon as you get back from work.

Cut Your Electric Bills by Still Giving You Enough Natural Light

Many elegant window treatment options come with vanes that you can tilt to let natural light in. This works great for both homes and offices, as they still diffuse light and provide privacy. But when you want to get more sunlight in, you simply have to adjust these vanes.

The more natural light you take advantage of, the lower your electricity bills will be. Once you’re done for the day, you can use the automated window app to completely shut the shades for you.

Save Heating and Cooling Dollars by Keeping Drafts at Bay

Air leaks, or drafts, can add between 10% to 20% to your electricity bills. Old or faulty windows are some of the common sources of these air leaks.

It’s best that you get new, energy-efficient window replacements for old windows. But you can also minimize drafts by installing motorized shades on your windows. Close your shades completely, and you can keep those chilly drafts from entering.

Cordless Shades for Increased Safety

Every day, at least two kids end up in U.S. emergency departments because of window blind cords. Many of them suffer from lacerations and bruises caused by cord entanglement. The worse possible outcome is strangulation.

If you have little children or pets, cordless window shades should be a must at home. Some of your best options are Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings. Not only are these cordless shades safer — you’ll also find them in hundreds of gorgeous fabrics!

Even if you don’t have kids or pets, you should still go with cordless shades for their convenience. Their cordless feature also makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Greater Privacy and Security

In 2017, there were 42,634 non-violent crimes (including burglaries) in Dallas, Texas. Granted, that’s over 2,000 fewer crimes than 2016, but that’s still a high number.

You can make your home less attractive to burglars by making it appear occupied. One way to do this is to change the positions of your window coverings every now and then throughout the day. With motorized window shades, you can do this even when you’re away from home.

Once you’re home, you can draw your shades shut to enjoy a high level of privacy. During the weekends, when you want to catch up on your sleep, you can set your shades to open at a later time.

Protection from the Sun’s Dangerous UV Rays

Within 15 minutes of direct exposure to the sun, its UV rays can already damage your skin. Glass windows don’t do much to block these UV rays.

The same types of damaging UV rays can also ruin your beautiful hardwood flooring. These rays can also make your carpet brittle and discolored. You can expect the same damage and reduced lifespan in furniture that gets a lot of sun exposure too.

Protect yourself (and your investments) by covering your windows with beautiful, light-blocking shades. Better yet, opt for motorization, so in case you ever forget to close them, you can do so remotely. This way, you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting too much sun if you’re away during the weekend.

Get Your Gorgeous Motorized Shades Now

As you can see, motorized shades offer more benefits than traditional window treatments. The fact alone that they can help bring your electricity bills down should be enough reason to get them. Plus, they’re great curb value-boosters, which can help you sell your home faster in case you ever do.

Ready to explore your various automated window treatment options? If so, then please don’t hesitate to ask us for your free project estimates!

5727 Valesco Entire House Remodel

Stripped to the Studs - Floors & Siding Recycled 

This 1920's home is undergoing an entire house remodel. For-Sale Belmont Addition Conservation District. New 4-bed, 3-bath, 2-Story Craftsman Bungalow in Lower Greenville, Dallas.
For info call (972) 232-7122

After we started removing the siding and floors for recycling we were shocked to discover that the whole house was supported by tree stumps! Amazing that it lasted for 100 years. We are going to replace the tree stumps with a real foundation that meets best practices for concrete piers in Dallas. We are going to install a new pier and beam foundation.

The soil in Dallas tends to be expansive because it contains a healthy dose of clay, which expands and contracts as moisture enters the equation. Add water, through rain and irrigation, and the soil expands. Remove water due to hot and dry conditions, and the soil contracts. All this soil movement adds up to cracks in the house.

Because we want to eliminate the movement caused by expansive soil, we are using a pier and beam foundation.

New Driveway and Pad for 2-Car Garage

5727 Valesco Before Remodeling

Coming Summer 2019

3D Rendering 5727 Velasco Ave For-Sale in Lower Greenville Dallas TX 75206
3D Rendering 5727 Velasco Ave Dallas TX 75206

This 1920’s home is being completely renovated with an additional second floor and new garage. The finished home will be a 2-Story Craftsman Bungalow with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Everything will be new and fully warrantied! New roof, floors, plumbing, electrical top-of-the-line appliances.

About the Neighborhood
5727 Valesco For Sale in the Belmont Addition Conservation District Dallas Texas

5727 Valesco is in the Belmont Addition Conservation District, which was formed with the intent of preserving the unique character of the neighborhood. The area is in the heart of the Lower Greenville section of East Dallas. Residents in the Belmont Addition are highly diverse coming from all walks of life. The neighborhood is highly social with multiple neighborhood wide events each year designed to foster a friendly atmosphere.

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