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Entire House $250,000 to $500,000 - Region 5 South Central Award-Winner  Renowned Renovation Highland Park, Texas

2019 NARI Region 5 South Central Award-Winner


Highland Park, Texas, February 1, 2019 —The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) named Renowned Renovation in Highland Park, Texas, 2019 South Central Regional CotY winner in the "Entire House Remodel with a budget $250,000 to $500,000 Category." category of its annual awards competition.

Each year, NARI presents CotY awards to members who have demonstrated outstanding work through their remodeling projects. This is the highest form of recognition by industry leaders and peers. The entries of this year’s competition totaled more than $97 million worth of remodeling projects.

Renowned Renovation is premium Dallas residential design, build and remodeling firm. The company offers interior design services, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, construction, custom cabinetry, countertops, and window blinds, shades, shutters, and fashions.

Renowned Renovation’s Highland Park showroom features Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, Cambria Surfaces, Du Chateau Flooring. Renowned Renovation specializes in working with condominium, townhome, single-family homeowners and investors. Call (972) 232-7122 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate at their showroom located at 4848 Lemmon Ave,
Suite 106, Highland Park, Dallas, TX 75219.

Contractors from seven regions around the country vie for CotY Awards each year. Judging is based on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, and degree of difficulty by an impartial panel of industry experts. NARI named 154 Regional CotY™ Winners from the 2019 competition plus 24 team members. Regional CotY Winners will now advance as finalists at the National level.  

NARI’s Evening of ExcellenceSM reception will be held on Friday, April 12 at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside, San Diego, CA. During this event, NARI will honor all regional winners and announce who will take home the National awards.  Visit https://www.nari.org/sbm19/ to register for the in-person event or for more information.

Renowned Renovation’s winning project was a Dallas high-rise condominium penthouse remodeling project located at The Travis at Katy Trail in Dallas. Remodeling 200 feet above ground is much more complex than a typical single-family home remodel and required meticulous planning, problem solving, and posed unique challenges. The project required gutting and renovating the entire interior of a two-bedroom, two bath, 15th-story penthouse.

NARI is a professional association whose members adhere to a strict code of ethics. To be considered for a CotY Award, a company must be a NARI member in good standing.


About Renowned Renovation: Renowned Renovation is premium Dallas residential design, build and remodeling firm. The company offers interior design services, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, construction, custom cabinetry, countertops, and window blinds, shades, shutters, and fashions. their showroom is located at 4848 Lemmon Ave, Suite 106, Highland Park, Dallas, TX 75219. For more information contact Grant Woodruff at (972) 232-7122. 

About NARI: The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is the source for homeowners seeking to hire a professional remodeling contractor. Members are full-time, dedicated, remodeling industry professionals who follow a strict code of ethics with high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility. Remodeling Done Right™ is NARI’s promise to consumers as well as members and the industry. For more information, contact NARI at 847-298-9200 or www.nari.org

5727 Valesco Dallas For Sale

Move-in Date Summer 2019

3D Rendering 5727 Velasco Ave For-Sale in Lower Greenville Dallas TX 75206
3D Rendering 5727 Velasco Ave Dallas TX 75206

This 1920’s home is being completely renovated with an additional second floor and new garage. The finished home will be a 2-Story Craftsman Bungalow with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

Everything will be new and fully warrantied! New roof, floors, plumbing, electrical top-of-the-line appliances.

The home is currently under construction. There is still time for the new owner to make some selections such as finishes, countertops, flooring, and appliances.

Window Blinds, Shades, Shutters, Oh My!: Which Option Is Best for Your Home?

window blinds shades shutters and treatments

While a home full of natural light is desirable, the UV rays can cause damage to furniture such as fading over time. Unless you are willing to have some furniture pieces with antique look like antique item you can find at Fireside Antiques website, you should protect your furniture from extra light. That’s why window blinds shades, shutters, and treatments are so essential for a home. They allow you the ability to choose how much light you let in while also protecting the integrity of your fixtures and furniture. Natural light seeping into a house is undoubtedly beautiful, but for it to perfectly reflect off of a glass canopy, the glass canopy must be maintained regularly. So make sure to hire experts from the best window and glass cleaning service company like www.saswindowcleaning.com.au/glass-canopy-cleaning/ or a one near you to get the best service for your money.

They allow you the ability to choose how much light you let in while also protecting the integrity of your fixtures and furniture.

They also have become an essential part of interior design. Their ability to add a new dimension, color, and shape to a room makes them a lot of fun to work with when redesigning. 

But what are the main differences and which one is right for you?

Choosing Between Window Blinds, Shutters, and Shades

Every time you consider re-doing a room, it’s important to look into three main things for the window treatments:

  1. Aesthetic
  2. Functionality
  3. Longevity

Sure, you want to have something that makes the room look good. But, if you hate working with strings or pulleys then you’ll get annoyed with your choice pretty quickly if it has them. 

You also want to ensure you buy high-quality products that can withstand all those harsh tugs to open and close every day. Even if you spend a little more now, it will often always be less money than paying for cheap products every few years after they break. 

Since we spend over 85% of our time indoors, the best thing to do is look for strong positive reviews to ensure you’ll get a professional service and trusted products. 

With this in mind, it helps to know the specific differences that will help you make the decision that is right for you.

Window Blinds 

There are many ways that you can use blinds to adjust the amount of light in your home depending on the style you opt for. 

The slats used in blinds can be long, short, thick, thin, and can be hung to work across the window or from the top. These variations change the aesthetic of the blind as well as the view you get when they are open. 

Whereas shades are simply up or down, blinds swivel to change how sunlight enters the room. On a traditional blind where the slats are horizontal, you can block direct light from above while still letting it into the room.

Another alternative to this is using blinds with slats that hang vertically. They are great for adding a sense of shape to your windows and height to the room. For example, if you have a large window that takes up a whole wall, horizontal blinds would make the room feel squat and compressed. Long blinds draw the eye upward creating more space aesthetically.

Blinds can also be made of wood and faux wood to help elevate your home’s aesthetic. The real wood blinds work for larger, more open spaces where you have guests. For private rooms such as your bedroom or where guests don’t go, faux wood is a good alternative. You can get it to match the real wood blinds for a fraction of the cost. 

Window Shades

When you’re looking to give yourself complete privacy and block out all light or filter, intensity shades are an excellent choice. From pleated styles to motorized, solar, and cellular, the way the shade folds and unfolds can be a design feature all in itself. The uses of solar energy, are obviously, something to be delved in profoundly and researched upon. Renew Energy, which believes in this very motive, has inculcated that as their vision and has been providing with the best solar products and promulgating their potential in the prospect.

In terms of functionality, these you raise up or lower to adjust how much light you let into your room. 

For a room like a bathroom, you will want to allow some light in through the window without having to be completely exposed. If you get shades which are made from a thin material then you can enjoy the best of both worlds. This way, some light will still come through but you will be obscured from view.

There are also styles of shades which open from the top down. So you can still enjoy a lot of light while managing what anyone outside may and may not see.

Window Shutters

When you look at classical architecture and homes with historic style and sophistication, shutters are often there.

Thicker and more robust, shutters are the most expensive option out of these three. However, their longevity and design make it a choice that many believe is worth taking.

One style of a shutter is called the ‘plantation shutter’ which features slats that are a little further apart than typical designs. The advantage of this is that they add a good deal of style but also plenty of light making them ideal for living areas and kitchens. 

You can also try ‘shaker’ shutters if you want to block light completely and enjoy privacy. These essentially work like doors but you can get versions with slats on the top or bottom depending on where you’d like to direct light. 

Another good style for shutters is the ‘cafe’ which prevent direct sunlight from shining down into the room. This is ideal for any areas of the home where you or a guest will be sat down near a window. The angle of the slats is great for allowing light into the room while still blocking views like a neighbors house or an alleyway. 

The good news is that technology now allows you to get very customized shutters which will go perfectly with your home’s decor.

Picture the Different Styles

Between window blinds shutters shades, the right choice will add to the overall look rather than distract from it.

When designing your room, think about where furniture will be, where the light comes from, and how easy it will be to access for adjustments. 

Try our free interior design consultation services for professional advice on what could work for your home.


Reclaimed Pine Wood Flooring from 1920’s home. This reclaimed wood flooring was reclaimed from a Lower Greenville – Dallas Neighborhood home we are renovating. We have approximately 3,000-3,500 square feet of pine wood that varies from 9.75 inch slats to 10′-12′ foot lengths.

Call (972) 232-7122 for more information.

Reclaimed Pine Wood Flooring for Sale.
Reclaimed Pine Wood Flooring for Sale. Located in Northeast Dallas

5 LifeStyle Design Trends in Dallas

4 LifeStyle-Treands-In-Remodeling

5 Life Style Design Trends in Dallas

Grant's His experience, training, work, and development have given him the experience it what it takes to deliver the best remodeling product. He only assembles teams that are reliable, experienced and proficient. All of his residential remodeling projects (High-Rise Condos, Townhouses, and Luxury Single Family Homes have had resounding success in North Texas from Dallas to Denton.

Grant Woodruff

My name is Grant Woodruff and I am the founder of Renowned Renovation. We were recently asked to speak at the Dallas Home and Garden Show about Lifestyle Remodeling Trends. Most of our clients are  homeowners who are relocating or moving back to Northeast Dallas to be closer to their work and to live in neighborhoods within walking distance of local eateries, parks and local stores.  

And we are seeing that that the 5 most in-demand design ideas for today's busy lifestyle are Open Floor Plans, Quartz Countertops, Backsplashes & Waterfalls, Personal Spas, Wine cellars, and Built-in Bars.

We were invited to speak because we are members in good standing of the our local Dallas Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

We started Renowned Renovation in 2012. Most people don't know this, but in Texas, general contractors are not required to be licensed. Literally anyone who wants to be a general contractor can be. All they have to do is fill out some paperwork.... But that doesn’t mean they have any qualifications. That's why we joined The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Not only did we have to through a screening process that included a background check we agreed to be held accountable to a higher standard - we also pledged to uphold the Association's Code of Ethics and dedicated ourselves to upholding professionalism and integrity of the remodeling industry to our business. The Renowned Renovation team are working on becoming NARI certified project managers.

NARI remodelers are experienced, trusted, qualified, ethical and dependable business owners who will get your project done right. 

To learn more about NARI
visit their website.

Must Have Design Ideas for Today’s Busy Lifestyle

Open Floor Plans
This is one of the most requested remodeling design request we receive.  Here is great example of a project that convert an original condo at the Travis at Katy Trail. The homeowner was trapped away from her guests and family when preparing meals in the kitchen as she had limited access to the living room.  Since the owner lives in a high-rise condo, she had a relatively small space and wanted to open it up as much as she could. So the we removed the wall separating the kitchen and the living room. 

Before and After Wall Removed to Create Open Floor Plan

Quartz Countertops, Backsplashes and Waterfalls
Quartz is in high demand.  There’s a lot of great quartz products out there and I’ve found Cambria to be one of the best. I particularly like it because it is made in America, is very durable, and has a lifetime warranty. We have been installing Cambria Quartz as countertops, backsplashes and waterfalls. A waterfall countertop is easily recognizable by the fact that it drops vertically down the sides instead of stopping abruptly at the edge of a cabinet or island. By doing that it creates a continuous flow and links the floor to the cabinetry in a fluid and natural manner. Really Beautiful

Waterfalls are very popular trend right now. And we bookmatched the waterfall, which means matched the veins of that countertop flowing so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book.

Zoom-Bed For-Sale: $14,000

Zoom Beds are refining the concepts of smart furniture and convertible spaces with smarter designs that transform any single-purpose room into a multi-use room. Come to our Highland Park showroom for a free estimate, to see the quality of cabinets, the German engineering, and comfort of the Zoom Bed. 

Entertainment Center by day ... and with a push of a button ... Converts in an amazingly comfortable bed at night. 
This space saving revolutionary remote controlled Zoom-Bed that is hidden in a beautiful custom made cabinet.


Zoom-Beds are German-engineered that with a push of a button on a remote control, gently glides an amazingly comfortable bed down behind an elegant cabinet instead of folding down like traditional Murphy Beds. With a Renowned custom cabinet, you can design a space for your TV, bookcases, or whatever you want to put in front, around or next to your Zoom Bed.


This is the space-saving revolutionary remote controlled Zoom-Bed hidden in beautiful custom cabinetry designed and built by Renowned. This example shows an entertainment center that was built in renown's Cabinet Factory for a queen size bed. Zoom beds come in the standard sizes and Renowned Cabinetry can design desks, entertainment centers, bookshelves, or any other type of cabinet for your zoom bed.

Craftsman Home Restoration Oak Cliff, Texas

The owners of the Oak Cliff Craftsman home wanted to restore and update the entire house while retaining design elements of the Arts and Crafts period, They saw their Craftsman home is a work of art and wanted a comfortable, functioning dwelling. A solid, beautiful, and simple house that will serve homeowners well.

To meet the owner’s desire for a nice open look, the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room and the wall separating the dining room from the living room where all removed. The owner wanted to keep the original wood floors, remove all the linoleum from the kitchen floor, and have us refinish the floors throughout the home.We completely gutted the kitchen and bathrooms, rewired the entire home and updated the plumbing throughout. The plumbing repair was carried out as well. Our contractor Flo-Well Drainage did their best to make the plumbing system work perfectly. This article from Marines Plumbing offered prompt and efficient advice. To provide more room in the bathroom the hot water heater was replaced with a tank-less unit that was installed in the Attic. After the floors were completed in the bathroom and kitchen, we installed hand-crafted custom cabinets and a vanity that was designed to provide more storage functionality and add unmatched beauty and style.This Craftsman style home was built in the 1940s and was a part of a movement in American architectural design. Craftsman houses were built all over the nation between 1905 and 1940. The style is popular again, with owners restoring older homes while developers are building new replica homes. The Craftsman style home has its roots in the bungalow, a low slung, comfortable home that originated in India.

This Craftsman Home is a 1,134 square foot , 2-Bedroom, 1-Bath home’s interior was completely remodeled. The project included new wiring, plumbing, re-texturing all walls and ceilings, sanding and refinishing the all the wood flooring, designing and installing new Renowned Cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom. The new country kitchen featured a farm sink with an apron with MSI Surfaces for all the tile and countertops. The owners chose Shaker style cabinets for the kitchen,  which we was painted white.  As part of the renovation we also replaced all the windows and doors with new Milgard windows and doors.   

To add additional room in the homes’ only bathroom, we removed the old water-heater and replaced it with a tank-less heater installed in the attic. New renovated bathroom had a new floor plan that was designed by our in-house team.

For the backsplash we used a MSI Surfaces’ Subway Gray Glossy Inverted Ceramic Beveled Tile. The foggy gray tone that is accentuated by the unique indentation in the tile. The owners choose these tiles for classic and timeless backdrop in their kitchen.


Our designer helped the owner pick Calacatta Vicenza Quartz countertops for a realistic look of fine natural marble in easy care and maintenance free quartz. This elegant white quartz with its subtle gray veins was ideal for their county kitchen style


The homeowner choose Classique White Carrara Glossy 4X16 Bev Subway Tile from MSI Surfaces ​for the shower walls 


The bathroom floors are MSI Surfaces’s Arabescato Cararra With Black Marble Basket Weave Mosaic tiles are backed by mesh and feature the whites and grays of class Cararra with stunning black accents


Inspiration Board: 9 Elegant Window Treatment Ideas for Your Next Home Project

Natural sunlight can benefit you in a lot of ways, including improving your sleep, warding off depression, keeping your physically healthy, and improving your mood.  It can also help you Get ready to sell your house quickly without any hassle.

But we don’t always want that sunlight glaring through our living rooms. 

That’s why window treatments are an important part of any household. But before you buy them you have to pick the right style, function, and color you want them to be. Have a magic transformation of your home with Shuttercraft.

Need some inspiration?

Make sure you take a look at these elegant window treatment ideas for your next home project.

1. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, or cellular shades, are made of a soft, cloth-like material that’s pleated on both sides. These pleats face different directions, creating small, diamond-shaped cells. 

The cells are filled with air, which helps the blinds insulate your window. Because of this, honeycomb shades are a good choice for homes with single pane windows or poor insulation. 

These shades can also help you save money. 


Since they insulate your windows, you won’t lose as much energy to the outside. That means your energy bill can go down. 

You can find honeycomb shades that are single cell, double cell, or even triple cell in some cases. 

2. Roller Shades 

Roller shades are simple, modern, and minimalistic. They can control the heat and light that gets through your windows without taking up too much space or making the window look bulky. 

Here’s how they work. 

Roller shades are mounted inside your window, rather than hanging on the wall above your window. The shades roll up around a tube at the top of the window. When you want to close the shades, you just pull the bottom down over the window. 

These shades also have an internal ratchet. This allows you to lock the blinds in place at different levels. 

3. Roman Shades

Roman shades are made of simple fabric (you can find them in almost any shade you prefer), but they don’t make your home look simple. 

Instead, roman shades give any room they’re in a more elegant feel. The pleats that form when you open the shades make your windows look longer. Professional mould cleaners will make sure no fungi or mould growth is present.

And color isn’t your only choice. 

You can also pick fabrics that have different textures. This adds an extra layer of dimension to your space. 

4. Soft Shades

Soft shades are like a mix between honeycomb shades and Roman shades. 

The construct of the shades is the same as honeycomb shades. The shades contain empty cells of air that provide a layer of insulation to your windows. 

But the outside of the shades is made with fabric. When you open them, they still have the classic folds of Roman shades. 

If you don’t like the look at honeycomb shades but want the extra insulation, you can choose soft shades instead. This will also allow you to choose fabric colors and textures normal honeycomb shades wouldn’t have. 

5. Woven Wood Shades 

Woven wood shades have a similar appearance to Roman shades as well. However, the offer a completely different aesthetic. 

These blinds are made from different types of wood, such as natural woods, grasses, reeds, or bamboo. Because of this, these blinds are made with 100% organic material. 

So how do they look like Roman shades?

When you open the shades, many woven wood shades will form pleats similar to the pleats in Roman shades. But it depends on the style. Some woven wood shades roll up rather than pleat. 

It’s important to remember these shades are made with thin woods and grasses. Although they will block both heat and light, they may not do it as well as fabric shades. 

6. Motorized Shades 

Motorized shades make a statement in any modern living space. They’re also more convenient than other types of window treatments for two main reasons. 

Number one: you can close the blinds without actually touching them. That means you can close them while sitting on the couch if the sun starts glaring off your TV. 

Number two: since motorized blinds don’t have any cords, they’re safer for young children and animals. You can enjoy beautiful window shades without all the baby proofing. 

7. Screen Shades

Screen shades are made of a thin, often see-through material. This allows you to still look through your windows while keeping the sun and heat out of your home. 

Here’s how it works. 

The screen shades filter the amount of light that gets into the house. While you can still see through the material, your home isn’t glowing with natural sunlight.

Screen shades also block UV rays from getting inside. This will keep the heat down and prevent glare from reflecting off your devices. 

But if privacy is a priority, these might not be the best shades for your living room, bedrooms, or kitchen. Consider hanging them in your patio or sunroom instead. 

Inspirational Window Treatment Ideas for Your Next Home Project 

The number one rule to remember when buying window treatments is to let in the light. 

Isn’t that the opposite of what you want? 

Not really. While you want your shades to block the light and provide you with privacy, you don’t want them to do this all the time. If you get bulky shades that don’t let in the natural light, you’ll be left with a gloomy home. Learn more from THAHeatingAirPlumbing.com

Still not sure what the best window treatment ideas will work for you?

Make sure you click here to take a look at some of our options. If you need some help deciding which one to choose, go ahead and give us a call!

Luxury Media Room Make Over

The media room needed an update
Renowned was hired to design and create a space that would serve this growing family for several years. As part of the media room makeover our designer, Melissa recommended a kitchenette with a beverage center and microwave. The custom cabinets were built by Renowned Cabinetry's factory with "soft-close" cabinet doors and drawers and were finished with Sherwin-Williams Ellie Gray.

media room makeover included a kitchenett

Kitchenette with a beverage center and microwave

The kitchenette cabinet is paired with a Cambria Quartz Blackpool Matte™ 3 cm Matte finish countertop and a Daltile Rainwater Mosaic backsplash. The cabinets have integrated LED puck lights and the finishing touch was Kane Lighthouse Glint carpeting.

This Lakewood luxury media room makeover project was managed by Renowned Renovation the 2019 Dallas NARI Award-Winning Contractor of the Year for whole house remodeling with a budget between $250,000 and $500,000.

The Backsplash tiles are Cascading Waters - They replicate the beauty of shimmering waterfalls with this unique glass mosaic. This linear style mosaic introduces an element of random with varying widths that can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Neutral colors including blue.  See More Collection Information


Bathroom Remodel Lakewood Dallas


This Lake Highlands upstairs bathroom was dated and primarily used by the owner's daughter. Renowned's designer, Melissa Blassinglie,  was hired to design the cabinetry and select the tile, new toilet, countertop, and paint colors. The cabinet was designed to work around the plumbing and all drawers are functional. The color is SW 6256 SERIOUS Gray and countertop is Cambria Delgatie. The floor, wall, and mosaic is from Daltile.

About the Mosaic Accent Tile: - This linear glass tile isn’t your run-of-the-mill accent tile. It commands attention with a spirited flair. Use it to create a trend-forward accent wall or kitchen backsplash. Wake up your design with the color and pencil-thin delicacy of Caprice.


Floor - Taking cues from different textures and colors, the Fabrique collection draws inspiration from the way fabric moves and allows you to bring a delicate elegance to everything from the living room to a well-appointed bathroom. More About P689 Noir Linen

P689 Noir Linen Floor Tile

Wall - This series of striking, 3" x 6", matte and semi-gloss finish subway tiles includes everything from neutrals to brightly colored solids - colors designed to complement our popular wall and mosaic tile lines. Create exciting walls and backsplashes. More About 0190 Arctic White

0190 Arctic White