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Townhouse Kitchen Remodeling | Hugo Place at State Thomas Uptown Dallas,Texas 75204

Townhouse Kitchen Remodel | State Thomas District - Uptown Dallas Area

Townhouse Kitchen Remodel Dallas

The owners of this beautiful 4 story corner unit town-home in the State Thomas Area in Uptown Dallas wanted to update their townhouse kitchen with new counter-tops, wood floors and painted.

Renowned Renovation replaced the old counter-tops, sinks, lights, and backsplash. Prepped , primed, and painted cabinets. Fabricated and installed Butcher Block Counter for Island. Installed new finished oak hardwood floors to match existing.

After Renowned Renovation

I love my new kitchen and I would hire Renowned Renovation again. I highly recommend them for your interior remodeling project.

Why? 1) Excellent work, 2)Punctual, 3) Good Communication, 4) Reasonable Price, 5) Cleaned-up Afterwards, 6) Considerate of my Neighbors, 7) Followed HOA Rules, 8) Stand-by Their Work."

Tonya L
State Thomas Area Townhouse Owner and HOA Member

Before Renowned Renovation

Townhouse Remodeling | State Thomas – Uptown Dallas, Texas

Owner’s Review

I wanted to remodel the kitchen in our State Thomas District townhouse in the Uptown Dallas area. Through search I found Renowned Renovation along with 2 or 3 other contractors on and They were very professional setting up an appointment for a free in-home estimate.

They showed up at the designated time and provided me with a estimate quickly. I had a “vision” in mind and Tyler and Michael made many design suggestions that I hadn’t considered and really added to the overall results. I greatly appreciated their input. Although the price was a little more than the others, I chose Renowned Renovation for my kitchen remodeling project after careful consideration of all the proposals I received.

Key among the deciding factors were Renowned Renovation’s reviews, ratings and “before-and-after” pictures. Tyler was the Supervisor fro my project and my daily contact person. He was great to work with, particularly considering the fact that he had to work around a furnished home and my travel schedule. I had a little bit of a problem with a painting sub-contractor but Tyler and his crew took care of everything.

I love my new kitchen and I would hire Renowned Renovation again. I highly recommend them for your interior remodeling project. Why? 1) Excellent work, 2)Punctual, 3) Good communication, 4) Reasonable price, 5) Cleaned up afterwards, 6) Considerate of my neighbors, 7) Followed HOA rules, 8) Stand by their work.”

Tony L. Townhouse Owner and HOA Member

Tonya L 

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate today.

Master Kitchen Décor Ideas

2 Unique and Impressive Master Kitchen Décor Ideas

If you are wondering how to decorate your spacious kitchen area, then worry not. This blog will help you out with two inspiring ideas that would suit any large kitchen area. We all know how a kitchen plays the role of “the most important room of the house”. And thus, it requires adequate attention. And not all of us can afford to hire an interior decorator, as their charges are sky-high. The solution, in this case, is to go through multiple lifestyle blogs related to interior decoration and get ideas from there.

Master Kitchen Décor Ideas

Compared to small kitchens, a master kitchen is much easier to decorate. But yes, you do have to get in touch with the best stores for purchasing accessories like lights, tiles and kitchen cabinets, and make sure there is no compromise on the quality of the products. Here are two fabulous ideas which you can incorporate in your house.

A mystic white kitchen – As we all know, nothing can beat the beauty and serenity of the color “white”. A white kitchen is every house owner’s dream, and although it requires some amount of attention and time, it is extremely popular. For the perfect implementation of it, you need meticulous planning. The first thing which you should do is to get the walls painted in white or off-white, and change the existing flooring with white tiles. The next thing is to invest on a beautiful and spacious white kitchen cabinet. If you search online, you will see that there are many companies who offer these and that too, with great discounts. Since your kitchen is a master one, I would suggest you go for the maximum number of doors. But then, if the storage space required is less, then you don’t need to. Most of the homeowners, who are lucky to have a master kitchen area, opt for double vanities. The required space between two vanities is 40 to 50 inches, and thus, is great for large areas.

Master Kitchen Décor Ideas - White Cabinets

Master Kitchen Décor Ideas – White Cabinets

If you want to break the “all-white” look of the kitchen, then you can choose a countertop of charcoal gray or black color. But be very conscious while you are choosing the material of the countertop. It should be able to withstand the regular wear and tear and should be easy to clean as well. Granite, marble and quartz are three most popular materials used for manufacturing countertops.
Invest on a few white or off-white chairs and stools for completing the look. And since there are “no worries” regarding space and if you want to try something different, then you can think of a white sofa as well, for the guests to chitchat when they come while you serve food for them. When it comes to lighting a white kitchen area, I would suggest going for the magical and beautiful hanging pendant lights if you ask me personally. They would not only increase the aesthetical value but also provides ample illumination, which will make the kitchen works easier.
A Rustic Brown Kitchen – A rustic brown kitchen is an easy and safe option for a large area. You can experiment as you like and there are hardly any restrictions. If installing wooden walls and ceilings seem expensive and risky, then you can paint them with light brown or cream color. Wooden floors are not that expensive and if you search online, you will get various retailers providing flooring options with a lot of variation in terms of shades and textures. Next comes the cabinet, which is an integral part of any kitchen decoration. You can either buy a toffee or walnut cabinet from a reputed kitchen cabinet wholesaler. The number of doors and drawers will obviously depend on the space and your requirements. Make sure there is no compromise on the quality of the material. You can choose a white or cream colored vanity top. Buy a few wooden chairs, tools and other kinds of furniture, as you are lucky to have a master kitchen area. Since the walls will be big as well, why not buy a beautiful artwork that would complement the overall rustic look?

Master Kitchen Décor Ideas bench and Chandeliers

Master Kitchen Décor Ideas bench and Chandeliers

If you want to add an edgy appeal, get a bench or two for the guests to sit on. Chandeliers work great for rustic kitchens. But don’t buy an extravagant one. You can also use pendant lights if you want to keep it simple.
These are two inspiring master kitchen decor ideas for you. Incorporate them and create magic in the “heart of your house”. But contact a good lighting company, furniture and kitchen cabinet wholesaler for that.

How to Hire the Best Remodeling Company in Dallas

How to Hire Best Dallas Remodeling Company


If you live in Dallas and intend to remodel your home in the near future, it’s in your best interest to hire the best Dallas remodeling company you can. Hiring a remodeling contractor is like hiring a doctor for your house. You want the most experienced. The original builder is long gone and what is behind the sheet rock is really an unknown. As a homeowner you need a team of professionals who understands the local Dallas area, how the local homes and condos were originally built and knows how to deal with any remodeling issues that can and do occur. 

When you hire the best and brightest in the industry, you all but guarantee that everything goes as smooth as possible during renovations. Otherwise you’ll feel upset and cheated if your newly remodeled home doesn’t look as beautiful as expected or the unexpected change orders drive up the cost.

Hiring the best company to remodel your Dallas home isn’t going to be the easiest thing to accomplish if you don’t know what to look for.

To help you make the perfect choice, we’d like to share our seven step verification process. If you follow these steps as we lay them out to you today, you’ll have no problem finding the best Dallas home remodeling company that money can buy.

  1. Visit the Local Dallas Remodeling Company’s Website
    Before you begin calling companies to provide an appraisal, it’s best to start out on the web instead.Why begin the search online?Well, it’s easy to get a feel for the company by looking at their website. You can find out about pricing, availability, and you can read testimonials and look at pictures of previous job sites.This information is invaluable during the elimination process. Just by the website alone, you’ll be able to eliminate potential remodeling companies if you aren’t satisfied with the look and feel of their site. Look for personal bio’s and research who is going to be in your home.
  1. Make Sure Each Local Dallas Remodeling Company Has a Physical Office
    This may seem like a strange request, but it actually makes a lot of sense after we explain it.Fly-by-night Dallas remodeling companies spring up from time to time. In an effort to prevent getting burned by an illegitimate business, we tell our readers to make sure the companies they consider have an actual physical address.Take some time to stop by their location and verify that it’s real. You don’t necessarily have to walk in if you don’t want to, but make sure the actual office does exist.
  1. Read Online Reviews for Local Dallas Remodeling Companies
    The easiest way learn valuable information about a company is to read online reviews from previous customers. First, look them up on web. A general search will turn up a lot if they are established. The website should also showcase detailed testimonials with photos of the project; before, during, and after the renovation.And check out their reviews while you are there. If you read about too many negative remarks or complaints, you’ll know that this isn’t the best company to remodel your home.Search each Dallas remodeling company in Google and see what pops up. If there are negative reviews, read them and find out where the company went wrong. And if there are positive reviews, read them as well and find out why this previous customer was so happy with their service.
  1. Ask for References to Call. And then Call Them.
    Don’t just hire any Dallas remodeling company without calling references first. You might end up finding out the hard way that the company you hired wasn’t as good as they seemed.Instead, call the references that they provide you. Ask them about their experience with the remodeling company.Find out if they installed quality bathroom and kitchen equipment. Ask the previous customer if they were happy with the overall experience.If your phone calls to references are positive, keep this remodeling company in mind because they sound like a keeper.
  1. Ask to Visit a Job Site Near You
    The best way to see a remodeling company action is to visit them at a job site.During this visit, pay close attention to everything that they do. Make sure you are 100% satisfied with their work before ever hiring them.
  1. Do They Have an App for Homeowners to Monitor Their Projects?
    At this point, many Dallas companies are providing homeowners with an app or project management software that allows clients to monitor the remodeling project.An app is an amazing tool because it lets you check in on the job’s progression from wherever you are. If you’re at work and curious about the status of your home, you can log on to the app and find out what the remodeling company is currently working on and who is currently on your project.
  1. Do They Offer a Warranty?
    Every remodeling company worth its weight in gold is ready and willing to offer their customers a warranty.In this warranty, the company will guarantee their work. And if you are unhappy with their work for any reason, they will fix defects in workmanship for free.The longer the warranty, the better off you’ll be. On average, you should expect the remodeling company’s warranty to last for at least a year.


Do you recognize the value of our seven step verification process? If you use this process while choosing your next Dallas remodeling company, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Do yourself a huge favor and give this verification process a try sooner rather than later. Or just call us first because when it comes to hiring in the best remodeling contractor in Dallas—we wrote the book. Or at least we listened to our clients when they referred us to their friends and then we wrote the book.

Any Questions? Just Call (972) 232-7122.

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Storage Space

Add Kitchen Storage Space when Remodeling

Add Kitchen Storage Space when Remodeling

The kitchen is often considered the most important room in the home, especially around the holidays. It’s where the family meets, eats and even entertains. But when your kitchen counters are covered with appliances, spices and utensils, working or entertaining comfortably can be a tall order. Use these five ideas to better organize kitchen storage space.

1. Creative Cabinetry — Underutilized spaces, such as counter ends and corners, are ideal for adding storage. Everyone knows about Lazy Susans, but what about corner or curved drawers?

2. Spice Storage — Whether you show them off or tuck them away in a drawer, there are better ways to store spices than sitting them on the kitchen counter. Stick them to the refrigerator using magnets or make your own spice rack out of a wooden pallet.

3. Wall Hangings — While many households limit pegboard use to the garage, Julia Child, the undisputed queen of the kitchen, used them for storing cooking utensils. Pegboards have the advantage of being inexpensive as well as trendy.

4. Knife Placement — The traditional wooden block keeps your knives contained, but it also takes up valuable counter space. Consider adding a magnetic strip to hold your knives or installing a slim knife drawer under your cabinets.

5. Dish Display — If you found that perfect ceramic platter while on vacation or you have an expensive set of china from the wedding that you rarely use, don’t waste cabinet space hiding them away. Instead, add display shelves and show off those conversation pieces.

If you need help designing your new kitchen give us call. We are a full service interior remodeling and renovation company that specializes in residential kitchens and bathrooms.

The Six Types of Kitchen Layouts

Planning for Kitchen Remodeling?

Having trouble choosing the right kitchen layouts for your new home?Continue reading

Kitchen Update – Dallas Mid Rise Condo

The new owners of this 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo in The Terrace Condominiums , a luxury mid rise condominium building in Victory Park located at 2323 Houston St, which exemplifies Dallas luxury and style contacted Renowned Renovation to update their Kitchen.


We worked with the original designer and he provided us the specs for the flooring, paint colors, silestone counter-tops, backs-plash, and lighting as you can see below.


Dallas Kitchen Face-Lift: Lights Up Older Kitchen

A Kitchen face lift might be best option of the three different ways you can bring new life into your home’s kitchen. You can give a kitchen a face-lift, renovation or a complete remodel. The difference between the three is time and money. A face-lift for your kitchen normally involve stalling new counter-tops and updating your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or refinishing them to bring back the original luster.

Contact us for a free estimate today for a kitchen face-lift, a kitchen renovation and/or a full kitchen remodel. Renowned renovation is here to help you make the right decision. Will help your dreams come true for your kitchen!

Here are three pictures of a Dallas Texas kitchen that we recently gave a face-lift to.

As you can see the cabinet’s went from Dark Wood to a much more modern light color. New counter tops were installed, replacing the dark counter tops you see in the picture.


The Dallas homeowner wanted to keep all of the existing appliances sinks and faucets.


The Six Types of Kitchen Layouts

Here are the Top 6 kitchen layouts for your Kitchen Remodel or Addition


Kitchen Layout and Work Ttriangle

Here is a primer about kitchen layouts. The way you utilize your work-spaces in the kitchen is the most important factor when planning your kitchen layout. In a typical home kitchen, the primary tasks require the sink (cleaning and preparation), the refrigerator (storage) and the cook top (oven or stove for cooking). These three work surfaces, when joined by imaginary lines, form the kitchen work triangle. This work triangle is very helpful in determining an efficient kitchen layout.

So depending on your cooking style, the amount of time you spend on each work station, and the available space, you can choose your kitchen layout from the following basic types:

Galley Kitchen

Also called the parallel kitchen, this is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts. It is ideally suited for small spaces and serves as a perfect one-cook kitchen. It comprises of two parallel walls opposite each other with a walkway in between, which is why it is also called as a walk through kitchen. This makes it easier to design cabinets, as you no longer have to concern yourself with corner cabinets. If you have a large space, you can also include an island, as shown in the picture.



One-wall Kitchen

The one-wall kitchen is very popular in studio flats and loft apartments because it utilizes minimum space. It is based on a straight layout, and places all three work centers in a straight line. The cabinets and appliances are mounted on a single wall. However, it is never a good idea to place the work stations side by side, as you wouldn’t have any free countertop space between them. Modern straight kitchens sometimes also include an island, making it a bit like the galley layout.



U-Shaped Kitchen

Also known as the horseshoe kitchen layout, this style is characterized with three walls of cabinets and appliances. You can choose this layout if you have large kitchen space or are likely to spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. It provides additional floor, counter and cabinet space, leading to an efficient work triangle that helps you save time and energy when cooking your meals.




L-Shaped Kitchen

Ideal for small family homes, it serves you best if you have small floor space. The layout utilizes two walls in an L-shape for cabinets, countertops and appliances, which provide an efficient design for the integration of the three work stations. If you have space left over, then you can also accommodate a small dining table or an island as suited to your needs.



Island Kitchen

Island kitchens add more work and storage space to a kitchen. You can utilize the island for cabinet space, appliances, the sink, countertops, or a place a place to eat. An island has the power to evolve L-shaped kitchens into a horseshoe layout, and one walled kitchens into galley styled ones.

But make sure that you have enough kitchen space and clearance before deciding on an island layout.




Peninsula or G-Shaped Kitchen

Peninsula kitchens basically contain a connected island. It provides free standing work space that can serve as a countertop, storage or eating area. Unlike an island, the freestanding space is accessible from three sides. Other than that, the peninsula kitchen offers all the benefits of an island kitchen while utilizing less floor space in comparison.



We hope that this post has helped you in deciding upon a kitchen layout best suited to your home and needs. If you still aren’t able to reach a decision, contact us right now and we will help you select the best layout for your kitchen!


Home Remodeling McCommas Blvd Dallas Texas 75214

This was a whole house remodeling project on McCommas Blvd Dallas Texas which as of today is now on the market and for sale. The current owner hired Renowned Renovation for interior remodeling after purchasing it.

We remodeled the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room, the hallway and the stairs.  Take a few minutes and watch the video to watch the kitchen and bathroom remodeling and renovation project.

Call us for a free in-home estimate for your next Home Remodeling price you won’t be disappointed.

North Dallas Kitchen Remodel – Prestonwood Area

Kitchen Remodel Dallas: Before Renovation

Another Kitchen Remolding and Renovation by your North Dallas Kitchen Remodeling Professionals – Renowned Renovation

The new owners of this 1980’s ranch style home in North Dallas’ Prestonwood neighborhood had the house they were looking for, but wanted their kitchen to have an open, modern feel. To open up the kitchen, we took out two walls and an outdated wet bar, and added three LVL beams to create a large, open space. The owners wanted their kitchen to have a centerpiece that would accentuate their modern space, and decided to go with a waterfall style island that would be large enough to serve as an informal dining area. With these custom cabinets, quartz counter-tops, glass tile back-splash, and light colors, the end product has become a focal point that the family can enjoy for years to come.