March 26


Full Home Remodeling Dallas Texas

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We are now starting the finish out of the kitchen and bathroom. What this means is sheetrock, tile and wood flooring, tape, bed, texture, and coming soon is cabinets! 

As you can see the kitchen, living, hallway, and bathrooms are all being remodeled to the owner's desired design. 

Stay tuned for photos and video as we continue to put the finishing on this M-Street home in the heart of Dallas.

Grant Woodruff - Owner

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Home Renovation Dallas Texas

We are just getting ready to wrap up a new whole home remodeling renovation project for the owner of this Dallas home. We do complete remodel of the kitchen, bathrooms, and living. This includes removing everything in the kitchen, bathrooms and living room all the way down to the studs. Here is what it looks like before we get started.

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Please ask us for a list of referrals and we’ll be happy to provide you with the contact information for several recently satisfied homeowners.  We can provide clients who had a variety of renovation work done from kitchens, baths and flooring and everything in between.

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