June 10

Hardwood Flooring in Dallas, TX Versus Tile: Which Is Best for the Kitchen?


hardwood floorsWhen you’re preparing to take on a kitchen remodeling project, it may feel like there are endless choices to make: countertops, cabinets, paint colors, appliances, and more! But the one thing you absolutely can’t overlook is your choice on flooring in Dallas, TX.

There are countless options and variations out there when it comes to kitchen flooring, but two of the most popular choices are hardwood floors or tiling (check out City Floors here). Which one is better? The answer all depends on your personal style and kitchen needs. Consider these factors before you make a final decision.

Don’t get too carried away daydreaming about kitchen remodeling ideas before working out a budget. The costs of kitchen tile flooring versus hardwood flooring types depend on both parts and labor, so be sure to discuss options with a kitchen remodeling contractor to get a better idea of your costs. While you’re at it, check out this webiste to see if it appeals to your tastes.

On the other hand, remember to think about your remodel as an investment on your home, too. So instead of investing in several new appliances, visit http://pittsburghappliancerepairs.com/finding-the-best-appliance-repair-shop/ and get all your appliances fixed by their experts at reasonable costs, thus making it easy on your wallet and also allowing you to use the saved money elsewhere. Even a minor kitchen makeover can produce an average return on investment of 82.7%. And while tile is a classic kitchen look, hardwood floors are definitely in style today. Some 54% of future home buyers said they’d happily pay extra for a home with hardwood floors.

Many people love tile because it’s virtually indestructible. However, if a tile breaks or cracks, it may affect surrounding tiles, too, requiring a full replacement eventually. While hardwood floors need to be refinished every 10 years or so, it’s easier to make minor repairs. Paired with granite countertops that can last for 50 years without so much as a scratch, a kitchen with hardwood floors may never need another upgrade again.

Also, be sure to take your personal cleaning tolerance and rituals into account. The grout between tiles can easily accumulate dirt and grime that makes it more difficult to clean. Hardwood floors easily wipe clean over a smooth surface (more details: Maid Easy).

It all comes down to a simple matter of personal preference sometimes. While the benefits of hardwood flooring make it a solid choice for the modern kitchen, some people simply prefer tile. When remodeling your kitchen, the choice is yours.


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