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Inspiration Board: 9 Elegant Window Treatment Ideas for Your Next Home Project

Natural sunlight can benefit you in a lot of ways, including improving your sleep, warding off depression, keeping your physically healthy, and improving your mood.  It can also help you Get ready to sell your house quickly without any hassle.

But we don’t always want that sunlight glaring through our living rooms. 

That’s why window treatments are an important part of any household. But before you buy them you have to pick the right style, function, and color you want them to be. Have a magic transformation of your home with Shuttercraft.

Need some inspiration?

Make sure you take a look at these elegant window treatment ideas for your next home project.

1. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, or cellular shades, are made of a soft, cloth-like material that’s pleated on both sides. These pleats face different directions, creating small, diamond-shaped cells. 

The cells are filled with air, which helps the blinds insulate your window. Because of this, honeycomb shades are a good choice for homes with single pane windows or poor insulation. 

These shades can also help you save money. 


Since they insulate your windows, you won’t lose as much energy to the outside. That means your energy bill can go down. 

You can find honeycomb shades that are single cell, double cell, or even triple cell in some cases. 

2. Roller Shades 

Roller shades are simple, modern, and minimalistic. They can control the heat and light that gets through your windows without taking up too much space or making the window look bulky. 

Here’s how they work. 

Roller shades are mounted inside your window, rather than hanging on the wall above your window. The shades roll up around a tube at the top of the window. When you want to close the shades, you just pull the bottom down over the window. 

These shades also have an internal ratchet. This allows you to lock the blinds in place at different levels. 

3. Roman Shades

Roman shades are made of simple fabric (you can find them in almost any shade you prefer), but they don’t make your home look simple. 

Instead, roman shades give any room they’re in a more elegant feel. The pleats that form when you open the shades make your windows look longer. Professional mould cleaners will make sure no fungi or mould growth is present.

And color isn’t your only choice. 

You can also pick fabrics that have different textures. This adds an extra layer of dimension to your space. 

4. Soft Shades

Soft shades are like a mix between honeycomb shades and Roman shades. 

The construct of the shades is the same as honeycomb shades. The shades contain empty cells of air that provide a layer of insulation to your windows. 

But the outside of the shades is made with fabric. When you open them, they still have the classic folds of Roman shades. 

If you don’t like the look at honeycomb shades but want the extra insulation, you can choose soft shades instead. This will also allow you to choose fabric colors and textures normal honeycomb shades wouldn’t have. 

5. Woven Wood Shades 

Woven wood shades have a similar appearance to Roman shades as well. However, the offer a completely different aesthetic. 

These blinds are made from different types of wood, such as natural woods, grasses, reeds, or bamboo. Because of this, these blinds are made with 100% organic material. 

So how do they look like Roman shades?

When you open the shades, many woven wood shades will form pleats similar to the pleats in Roman shades. But it depends on the style. Some woven wood shades roll up rather than pleat. 

It’s important to remember these shades are made with thin woods and grasses. Although they will block both heat and light, they may not do it as well as fabric shades. 

6. Motorized Shades 

Motorized shades make a statement in any modern living space. They’re also more convenient than other types of window treatments for two main reasons. 

Number one: you can close the blinds without actually touching them. That means you can close them while sitting on the couch if the sun starts glaring off your TV. 

Number two: since motorized blinds don’t have any cords, they’re safer for young children and animals. You can enjoy beautiful window shades without all the baby proofing. 

7. Screen Shades

Screen shades are made of a thin, often see-through material. This allows you to still look through your windows while keeping the sun and heat out of your home. 

Here’s how it works. 

The screen shades filter the amount of light that gets into the house. While you can still see through the material, your home isn’t glowing with natural sunlight.

Screen shades also block UV rays from getting inside. This will keep the heat down and prevent glare from reflecting off your devices. 

But if privacy is a priority, these might not be the best shades for your living room, bedrooms, or kitchen. Consider hanging them in your patio or sunroom instead. 

Inspirational Window Treatment Ideas for Your Next Home Project 

The number one rule to remember when buying window treatments is to let in the light. 

Isn’t that the opposite of what you want? 

Not really. While you want your shades to block the light and provide you with privacy, you don’t want them to do this all the time. If you get bulky shades that don’t let in the natural light, you’ll be left with a gloomy home. Learn more from

Still not sure what the best window treatment ideas will work for you?

Make sure you click here to take a look at some of our options. If you need some help deciding which one to choose, go ahead and give us a call!

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