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Installing Replacement Windows Dallas TX 75214

Bay Windows, Bow Window, Milgard Windows

The owners of this Dallas home in the University Meadows neighborhood  wanted to update their home and replace the original aluminum windows. They were doing research on and found Renowned Renovation. Based on our project portfolio, reviews and rating on Houzz, the owners invited Renowned to visit with them for a free in-home consultation.

Prior to contacting us, the owner had extensively researched the market and identified several manufacturers  that he liked . After consulting with Renowned Renovation, the homeowners selected Milgard Replacement Windows. The homeowners had great confidence in Renowned Renovation to order and install the Milgard windows, because Renowned Renovation is a trusted Milgard certified dealer and is AAMA certified (completed Installation Masters® Training for replacing windows).

Working with  Renowned the owner selected the best Milgard Window Installation Company that suited their needs:Energy efficient windows that reduce outside noise (sound resistance), and tinted windows (for privacy and sun control). We not only discussed which Milgard  architectural style will provide these features but we be also have interior decorators to consult with our clients to ensure that the right color and style is selected for the home the homeowners chose the Tuscany® Series

Milgard Windows are available in 3 interior & 8 exterior color options. Made with premium, extruded vinyl for strong insulation & impact resistance. The Window Frame choices range from wood, fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum. You may click here to see the option. Milgard’s dual-pane windows are twice as effective at retaining heat and air conditioning as the single-paned units installed. After the replacement windows were chosen our window replacement team got to work. We take precise measurements to ensure all the windows we order can fit in the existing openings. Older homes have shifted through the years and may have taken the existing opening and the windows out of square. Inserting a square window in a out of square opening is impossible. To compensate for these situations, we order the replacement slightly smaller and use proprietary trim out techniques to hide the imperfection without compromising the integrity of the install. Once the replacement windows arrive in our warehouse, we carefully examine them for damage and check them against our measurements. The day of install, our team arrives with a team of skilled craftsman.

Step One: The existing glass is removed with suction cups and blazing. The window frames are cut down instead of prying out of the frame which compromises the building envelope. This antiquated methodology of ripping out the window frames or “collapsing the frame” caused internal leaks and damage behind the facade. As building envelope scientist aka forensic engineers began studying replacement windows and the damage and water intrusion issues related to them, a new design criteria was written and adopted by AAMA. The subsequent training from installers in this protocol is called the AAMA Installation Masters Window and Door Installer Certification. Any homeowner considering a window replacement should contract with a company that employs at least one person with this certification. Step 2: After the glass is removed to make space for the rockingham glass, the existing aluminum frame is cut down as close to the returns as possible.

Step 3: The opening is prepared for the new window by installing a pan sill and then applying Peel-and-stick flashing membrane on the side jambs, and then the head. Then we cover the window frame with break metal painted to match your window color to conceal any color difference, gaps, or compensate for out of square openings. This cosmetic feature is a proprietary to Renowned Renovation, and gives an upscale finish to the window frame.

Step 4: The new window is inserted into the frame with manufacturer recommended caulking applied to the window z bar. Center, level and screw. This install uses plastic fork-shaped shims (included with each window), that straddle both sides of the track attachment screws. Plumb and square. With the bottom level, plumb one side and secure it with a screw. Check that the window is square by measuring diagonally both ways; then screw the other side.

Step 5; Backer rod in gap on exterior and interior gaps followed by caulking on exterior and window return adjustments on interior if needed.

To ensure that the Bow windows are waterproofed and airtight, Renowned Renovation inserts a fully intact (one piece) Bow window. Many contractors will field mull several picture windows together while onsite but this leads to water leaks and air seepage. As you can see in the before and after photo, the new windows improves the overall appearance of the home.




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