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Preparing Your Home For Colder Weather

Preparing Your Home For Colder Weather

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Once the leaves start falling and there’s a chill in the air, many homeowners think the time for household chores is done. However, there are still a few things to mark off your winter home maintenance checklistbefore calling it a season.

  • Maintain HVAC Systems — Make sure your heating system is running properly before the temperatures start to drop. If you haven’t already, schedule routine professional maintenance and change the air filter. This is also a good time to give the AC one final cleaning before shutting it down for the season. Generally, an air filter is 14 by 18 by 1 inches, thus making it easy for you to clean it by yourself but by hiring an expert, you can get peace on mind that they have used the disinfectant tools to provide you a thorough clean.
  • Clean the Fireplace and Chimney — Fireplace and chimney maintenance chores are often neglected, but they are necessary. Clean out old ashes and make sure the flue is open before use. Call a chimney sweep to remove creosote buildup; too much is a fire hazard. This also eliminates the possibility of any mishaps that might arise due to the embers that popping out of the fireplace.
  • Seal Leaks — Not only can poorly sealed windows or vents create a drafty house and increase your electric bill, but those leaks can also let in insects and rodents. But the bigger disadvantage here is the electricity price. One can mend that if they considered to switch business electricity based on the tariff that each company provides. Check the windows for air leaks and seal them up with caulk. Walk the perimeter of the house and make sure air vents are properly maintained and there are no gaps in the siding.
  • Fix Garage Door — While most of the people concentrate mostly on their main house door, the one place from where cold air can easily enter the house is the Garage. Make sure to get your door inspected and then fixed by the best in the field like Nabors Garage Doors, as even a small crack in the garage door can cause a ton of problems which includes unhealthy air due to moist wood carrying bacteria and also structural imbalance which needless to say is a very big danger sign in itself.
  • Take Care of Yard Work — Trimming trees in the fall may be tempting, but don’t do it. Pruning stimulates new growth in most plants and, if done in fall, that new growth will die at the first freeze. There is still plenty of yard maintenance to do, however, such as raking and composting leaves.
  • Protect Pipes — A burst pipe is every homeowner’s nightmare, but you can reduce the risk by following a few simple guidelines, especially if temperatures dip below 20 degrees. Start by wrapping pipes and covering outside faucets.

Don’t leave yourself open to unnecessary headaches this winter. Prepare your home now to ensure you enjoy a safe and peaceful season.

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