March 18


Remodeling During Coronavirus Outbreak

What do you do if you are planning or in a remodeling project during the coronavirus virus outbreak?

The answer is to adapt by using all the tools that are available to keep your remodeling project moving forward while keeping all parties safe. Renowned Renovation is open, and we plan to remain open. We have a healthy pipeline of active projects. We have a motivated team to keep all the projects on track.

If you are a client,  Renowned Renovation uses BuiledTrend to manage all of our active and completed remodeling projects. The app allows our project managers, owners, and sub-contractors to collaborate without the need to meet in person. We use BuilederTrend to share everything related to a project, including calendars, photos, budgets, daily logs, change orders, and warranties. We also communicate and document everything through the app with its built-in messaging platform using email and text messaging.

If you are thinking about remodeling, our designers are available for consultations and selections via email, phone, text, and virtual meeting using or Google Meetings. Together we can help you visualize your ideas, take measurements, photos, draw up floorplans, design custom cabinets, make selections, order appliances, fixtures, and build a timeline for each phase of your remodeling project.

To get started on a new remodeling project, new clients start searching for ideas and saving pictures of the things they like to using Pinterest or Houzz. Over the next few conversations via email, text, calls, and screen sharing or designers will be able to take your ideas and develop a project scope, timeline, and rough estimate.

From start to finish a professional remodeling project can take anywhere from 90-days to 6-months, depending on the complexity of the Renovation. Before anything can happen, scope-of-work documents and permit-ready plans must be created and submitted for approval. This phase alone can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on the need for engineers, architects, and interior designers.

All of this can happen in compliance with a recommendation from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization while maintaining social distancing.

We support following the best practices for containing the coronavirus outbreak and not over-burdening our Dallas Health Care Systems.  Renowned Renovation is active in many remodeling project during the coronavirus virus and has set procedures, that are in place to comply with those steps.

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