Tesla Home Charger Installation

Tesla Home Charger Installation Dallas Texas

Tesla recommends charging your vehicle overnight, just like your mobile phone. Pull into your garage, plug in, and you will wake up to a full charge the next morning. Even better, electricity will only be a fraction of the cost of gasoline.

One of our clients asked us to prepare their home for charging. We installed a dedicated circuit conveniently near where you they park their Tesla vehicle. The charge port is located in the driver side rear taillight. 

Here is what we installed:

TESLA PN: 1050067-01-E

Redesigned in Spring 2016, the new Wall Connector is hardwired directly into your electrical system, and is designed for 208-240 volt power supplies. Highlights of the Wall Connector include:

  • Customizable power levels, allowing installations with almost any electrical system
  • Power sharing: Install up to four (4) Wall Connectors on a single circuit breaker
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installation
  • The 24’ length Wall Connector is recommended for maximum flexibility in parking locations

For Model S or Model X equipped with the standard on-board charger (48A), install the Wall Connector with a 60 amp circuit breaker for optimal charging. For vehicles with a High Amperage charger upgrade (72A) install Wall Connector with a 90 amp circuit breaker. For power sharing with more than one Tesla, install with as much power as possible, up to 100 amps.

Learn more about charging speeds with Telsa's Home Charging Calculator support page.

Support documents:

Wall Connector Installation Manual

One page overview

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