Trends In Remodeling

My name is Grant Woodruff and I am the founder of Renowned Renovation.I'm here to talk to you today about must have design ideas for today's busy lifestyle We were invited to speak because we are members in good standing of the Dallas Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry

Most people don't know this, but general contractors are not required to be licensed in the state of Texas. Anyone who wants to be a general contractor can be. All they have to do is fill out a piece of paper. That doesn’t mean they have any qualifications. 

NARI is a national organization that holds contractors to a higher standards, a code of ethics, they have lots of certifications. One of the certifications I’m working on now is for a certified remodeler. And my brother, who is a project manager, is becoming NARI certified project manager.

NARI is focused on remodeling which is a lot different than general construction. Remodeling has its own challenges and really requires an expert.  I would just encourage anyone interested in remodeling to visit their local NARI website and take a look for NARI contractors there.

Renowned Renovation work in Dallas proper, And we are working  with a lot of people who are moving in from the suburbs or moving back into Northeast Dallas, Their reason are to be closer to their work and to live in walkable neighborhoods. 

We also work with a lot of people that already live in Dallas proper who want to add more amenities to their home. Some of the more popular are  

  • Wine rooms
  • Open concept kitchen and living areas
  • Personal spas
  • Wet bar/Dry bar. 

To get started let's look at an example of a project we recently wrapped up that won a NARI Contractor of the Year Award

The project is at the Travis at Katy Trail. It’s a condo... penthouse level condo on the 15th floor.

The homeowner was trapped in the kitchen. She had no access to the living space, so when she was cooking she was stuck away from the living area. Since the owner lives in a high-rise condo she had relatively small space and wanted to open it up as much as she could creating a wide open space with both flair and style that would also add storage And more functionality. 

This is the new floor plan showing a blown up version of the new kitchen and living area. The Orange Box represents the existing kitchen with a wall the blue box represents the living room rewind to remove the wall between the two rooms

So here's a quick look at the transition from old  two new. first we had the demo the existing space, remove the debri install the floor and a full set of cabinets we designed on three walls then install the built-in appliances.  For a polished finish...Cambria Britannic matte finished surfaces WERE USED for the countertops and backsplashes.

Renowned Remodeling Starts with
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